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Aurora - Complete Sleep Cycle Music Album

Give your body, mind and spirit the right amount of much-needed restorative sleep, and recharge and heal during your sweet slumber. Ideal to be played on stereo speakers, and for the whole family, this four-part track contains binaural beat and isochronic tone frequencies that flow up and down our carefully plotted formula, ranging from 7Hz to 0.1Hz, providing you with the different stages of sleep: 1) Light Sleep and muscle relaxation, 2) Slowing down of brainwaves, 3) Deep sleep, 4) continuation of deep sleep, also known as Delta sleep, and then REM. Slow wave sleep mostly occurs in the first half, while REM in the second half, coinciding with the delta or deep sleep.

• Contains 4 HQ audio MP3 files
• Download with desktop/laptop computer to ensure a successful and complete download.

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