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Meditation Music Album

Activating pineal gland, tapping into subconsciousness, spiritual guidance, chakra cleansing.
  • 3.07Hz Associated with Hara Activation - Hara is similar to chakra, but fundamentally different. It is located at the navel area and is a gateway to the etheric planes surrounding our planet. Hara also means "Sea of Energy".
  • 4Hz Access to your Subconscious (Theta Range Zen Meditation) - created with the intention of providing you a calming, relaxing ambient sound of frequencies that are in the theta range and are known to be used during zen meditations which gives effects to accessing your subconsciousness deeper.
  • 5.5Hz Inner-Guidance & Intuition Meditation - Unlock your Intuition and gain the wisdom and guidance you need with this binaural beat that uses a 5.5Hz frequency. Allow your intuition to flourisher and provide you the answers you need.
  • Finding Oneself - created as an audio accompaniment during meditation and/or self-reflection. It gives effects such as inter-awareness of self and purpose, spiritual wisdom, relaxation, centering of mind and body, and finding solutions to troublesome problems.
  • 9.5Hz Center of Alpha Range Meditation Music for Relaxation - The alpha state is the gateway to your subconscious mind. Alpha brain waves are associated with relaxation and calmness.
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