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The Stars Beneath You Album

The Stars Beneath You is our 8-hour deep sleep music track that also enhances vivid dreams and dream recall. Let your imagination take you to soar high into the night sky and relax as the brainwave entrainment frequencies embedded in the music help you to get that Complete Sleep Cycle. A soothing and relaxing lullaby for all ages, this four-part music track contains two kinds of carrier frequencies, 136.1Hz, which associates with the Sun, giving warmth, joy, and deep relaxation. It will provide calmness and a balancing, harmonic sensation. The other, which is 211.44Hz, is associated with Neptune, which touches the imagination, intuition, the unconsiousness and spiritual love. The binaural beats throughout the full album track ranges from 0.1Hz to 16Hz at various plotted sequences that will help you to attain a good, deep sleep, immense relaxation, and even vivid dream experiences. As you ready yourself for bed, close your eyes and simply focus on the music and your breathing. Allow yourself to let go and relax. Listen with or without headphones and always keep the volume at a comfortable low setting.

• Contains 4 HQ audio MP3 files
• Download with desktop/laptop computer to ensure a successful and complete download.

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