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K9 Rescue charity is focused on making a difference to the treatment of abandoned dogs in developing countries with our work primarily in Eastern Europe where dogs are seen as vermin by the majority and treated accordingly with poisoning, beatings and torture. We are one of only two animal charities in the UK that take crypto currency donations, and we are incredibly proud to be able to reach out to this fast growing donor sector and future proof our fundraising capabilities.

As a non-profit, since our first BitCoin wallet in 2017, it has been quite a steep learning curve; yet now as our confidence and understanding of this hot new digital asset grows, reaching this largely overlooked philanthropic crypto audience, has become fundamental to our long-term fundraising strategy.

We run a Rehabilitation Sanctuary in the UK where traumatised former street dogs can decompress in a natural environment and release all the acquired, and often inherited, fears and anxieties from all of the horrors that they, and their mothers, endured whilst trying to survive in a hostile environment. Depending on how deep rooted their trauma is, it can take months, sometimes years, for them to accept even the slightest touch, and even something simple like gently throwing a treat in their general direction, can seem like a missile being launched at them. Being able to rehabilitate PTSD dogs in a peaceful, calm environment, where they can learn to trust again on their own terms, and in their own time, is an invaluable and integral part of the process of true street dog rehabilitation, as many suffer greatly if rushed into a domestic environment with all the demands that living in a home with a family places upon them. Only when they are truly ready to take that step, do we offer our traumatised dogs for rehoming.

In addition to running our Rehabilitation Sanctuary in the UK for traumatised street dogs, we supply food, medical supplies and veterinary aid to grass roots rescues in the poorest and hardest hit countries of Eastern Europe; currently the emergency animal aid that is so desperately needed in Ukraine.

Yet all of this costs, and with the world's focus rightly firmly on the humanitarian effort for Ukraine, regular non-profits such as ourselves are feeling the pinch. We are therefore incredibly excited to reach out to the passionate crypto community and hope to help inspire a new generation to join us in the fight to end the suffering of abandoned animals.

Your invaluable support means you will be directly helping traumatised street dogs in our rehabilitation centre in the UK, as well as animals displaced by the war in Ukraine, and the rescues in neighbouring countries who are taking in the displaced animals.
Please help us make a difference today. 100% of donations go to the animals; we don’t do salaries or overheads; every cent is spent on the animals. Thank you!