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As the increasingly desperate humanitarian situation in Ukraine deepens, the animal crisis in Ukraine continues to unfold, as family dogs and cats find themselves abandoned to the streets as their families flee or they are suddenly made homeless due to their home being bombed, with millions of animals also finding themselves suddenly displaced. These poor souls find themselves wandering the streets looking for their lost families, confused and bewildered, not equipped with the survival instincts of the feral dog and cat populations commonplace in many Eastern European countries.

Humanitarian aid is generously flooding into Ukraine from all around the world, with many international aid agencies helping refugees on the borders as well ensuring aid gets to the people who need it within Ukraine, yet, there are significantly less animal aid agencies on the ground and even less animal aid reaching where it is needed within Ukraine. Ukraine has it's own rescue movement, with independent NGO's and privately run home-shelters by kind hearted individuals sharing all that they have with the street animal populations, yet they desperately need provisions for the animals, food, medicines and other supplies are in short supply across the country, and the clock is ticking for many of the animals displaced by the War, who are also deeply affected by the horrific devastation, pain and suffering that this War has inflicted upon their homeland.

We now therefore need a massive push to send at large quantities of pet food and medical supplies from the Netherlands to the Ukraine where volunteers on the ground are waiting to distribute it to the waiting animals. If you can help in any way we are looking to raise €15,000 quick so we can get aid out there. Its booked, we just have to find the funds and so appealing to everyone in the crypto world if you can give just a little to help.

We are incredibly grateful for all who can help us in our mission, please donate to help make a difference today - €15,000 EUR will purchase 8 tons of food to be shipped directly to the Ukraine border for the waiting volunteers to then drive it into Ukraine and distribute to the waiting animal shelters and street rescuers to feed the abandoned animals.
Please can you help? All donations, large and small, are so gratefully received, thank you!